Train smart for your next duathlon or bike race with Steels Fitness and unleash your true potential.

Claire’s athletes range from elite cyclists and semi-professional duathletes to those undertaking their first duathlon or working towards endurance events such as amateur road cycling races, a marathon or Ironman.

Claire can help you…

• Transition from the bike to run stage with minimal loss of energy
• Plan a race strategy that better conserves energy
• Reduce your bike split time to improve your overall time
• Structure your nutrition properly to keep consistent energy
• Prep your equipment to improve energy conversion
• Tackle difficult terrain/conditions such as hills or wind
• Improve your running and cycling technique

A structured monthly/ weekly training plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Bike sessions on the road and turbo (on bespoke and organised retreats)

Running sessions on the track, road and treadmill (on bespoke and organised retreats).

Strength & conditioning (on bespoke and organised retreats).

Race preparation and tactics and Nutritional advice.

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