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In the Gym – Build your STRENGTH

Here at Steels Fitness our training memberships offer a wide range of workouts available for you.

Advanced Fitness Membership

The ADVANCED membership is our free membership! That’s right, FREE!!

Through this membership you will have access to a number of gym based and at home workouts.

These workouts will cover all aspects of fitness, looking at developing full body strength through a variety of bodyweight and resistance training combined high intensity cardiovascular intervals.

The advanced fitness membership is paired with our advanced nutrition membership providing you with the tools to fuel and recover from your workouts!

Extreme Fitness Membership

The EXTREME membership is £4.99 / month and like our advanced membership, it is a mixture of gym based and at home workouts.

The extreme fitness membership is paired with the extreme nutrition membership and is updated monthly with 4 new workouts and 2 new recipes.

These workouts are an extension of those found in the advanced fitness membership and will continue to develop and shape your overall strength and fitness.

Ultimate Fitness Membership

The ULTIMATE membership is £9.99 / month and offers full access to both the extreme and advanced memberships as well as training sessions and progressive training plans.

This membership is the next building block in developing your all round fitness and full body strength.

Paired with 4 new recipes per month, the 6 workouts from the ultimate membership provide you with the tools to fuel, build and enhance your existing strength and fitness.

Membership Benefits

A structured monthly/weekly training plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Sessions that focus on cycling and running for all sports.

Sessions that you can do at any time to help improve you strength.

Up to six new workouts per month to help you throughout the season.

Sessions that focus on physio and mobility.

Email access to Claire for support and training advice.



1:1 and online training......

"I started seeing Claire just over a year ago after feeling I needed more direction with my training and having set myself the goal of running a half marathon.
I thought I was already fairly fit having regularly attended group exercise classes such as spinning, body pump and body combat; I was in for a surprise!
After assessing my fitness level and discussing my current diet - too much toast and chocolate! - Claire provided me with a nutrition plan and set me weekly training programmes taylored to my fitness level and goals.  For me one of the key benefits of my PT sessions with Claire was that for the first time I had someone demonstrating and explaining proper technique and observing and correcting my form where necessary to ensure I was getting the most out of each exercise and avoiding injury.
In addition, Claire's encouragement, enthusiasm and good humour also meant I had both the motivation and confidence to achieve results I wouldn't have on my own.
I recently moved to online training with Claire and the professionalism and quality of training has not changed. The training programmes are always clear and well explained and if I have any questions I know Claire is on hand to address these.
I now feel fitter and stronger than before which is thanks to Claire's expert knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement.  Thank you Claire!"
Hannah Edwards

Still unsure about joining?

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